Fight with Insight (FWI) was launched in 2006 as a project of the Box Office Gym. FWI was founded by Luke Lamprecht and Anton Gilmore. Luke has over 28 year’s experience in the child protection and development fields. Luke is a child rights activist and child protection specialist. Anton is an ex professional boxer, trainer and promoter with first hand experience of the impact of boxing on the lives of the youth. Luke and Anton are supported by Sheri Errington, a researcher with Non-Profit Monitoring and Evaluation experience, who is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa, and has a Master’s Degree in Research Psychology from The University of the Witwatersrand.

Fight with Insight was initiated as a sports component to The Teddy Bear Clinic’s Diversion Program for child sexual offenders – a specific group of youth at risk. The project was run from The Box Office Gym in Rosettenville as an optional extra for children completing the diversion program.

The results of the positive impact of boxing on children attending in comparison to those who were not, supported by evidence from work being done at the Boston Trauma Centre, was the primary motivation for the decision to integrate boxing into the Diversion Program more holistically.


In 2013 the strategic objectives of Fight with Insight were realigned. In order to impact more children, Laureus urged Fight with Insight to focus on extending their reach beyond The Teddy Bear Clinic’s Diversion Program. Fight for Peace (FFP) Alumni selected Fight with Insight as a partner and provided an infrastructure of resources to assist with the development of strategies and tools for the expansion as an open access gym.

In 2015, Fight with Insight was officially registered as an Amateur Boxing Gym, and have become one of the largest Amateur Boxing Gyms in Gauteng. Fight with Insight is a source of referrals for the most challenging cases of behavioral difficulties in Johannesburg.

In 2016 Fight with Insight launched programs for special groups of vulnerable children, including: The Johannesburg School for Autism; St Mary’s Children’s Home; The Talisman Foundation; Tara Hospital; Nkosi’s Haven; and Johannesburg Child Welfare.




Since Fight with Insight was launched in 2006, more than 1000 children and youth have tried out the boxing gym. An average of 120 children per month are provided with a nutritious meal 6 days a week.

Over 40 children have been assisted with school enrolment; stationery; text books and fees. More than 10 youth have gained meaningful employment through FWI. 90% of the children who train regularly report to have stopped getting into trouble at school and on the streets.

Children who attend the program and become youth coaches are Fight with Insight’s proudest success stories, demonstrating the impact of a mindful program on the development of role models.