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A thriving community program in the heart of Johannesburg. Intertwining local knowledge and wisdom with world class experience and expertise.

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From box-aerobix to yoga; bootcamp to HIT Squad; beginner to Pro Boxer. Programs for all ages and levels of fitness.
The following classes are available:
Autism Morning Classes Monday – Friday 08h00 – 10h00
Beginners Tuesday & Thursday 14h30 – 16h30
Graded Boxers Mon, Wed, Fri 15h00 – 17h00
Bootcamp – all welcome Saturday 09h00 – 13h00
For further information please email fitness@fightwithinsight.co.za




Join our Tribe based on the principles of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity

Everyone is welcome!

For further information please email friends@fightwithinsight.co.za




Fight With Insight has invested in a catering grade Kitchen understanding the importance of good nutrition to promote healthy lives. Cooking classes are held weekly and participants are taught to make Super Foods that promote good health and taste delicious

Cooking Classes Tuesday 15h00 – 17h00

Themes is Fight With Insight’s Pop Up Gourmet Experience – offering catering for events

To find out more about Themes Pop Up Gourmet Experience, please email: food@fightwithinsight.co.za
Cooking classes are held on:
To find out more about Fight with Insight’s Cooking Classes, please email: food@fightwithinsight.co.za




Mindful not Mind FULL – psycho social support services, life skills and mental health interventions ensuring not only healthy bodies but healthy minds too

To find out more, please email: feelings@fightwithinsight.co.za




Employment readiness; educational support; career guidance, mentorship and the FWi Youth Leadership Forum.

Life Skills Program Monday – Thursday 15h30 – 17h30

Computer Lab Monday – Thursday 15h30 – 16h30

To participate or for further information, please email: focus@fightwithinsight.co.za




Eat; Box; Sleep; Repeat – we work hard, we play hard and we have FUN




In 2015, FWI registered as an Amateur Boxing Gym, under the Johannesburg Amateur Boxing Organisation (JABO), which in turn operates under the Gauteng and South African National Amateur Boxing Organisations. Olympic style amateur boxing is taught at FWI, through two programmes: the #FitClub and the #FightClub. The #FitClub is FWI’s open access programme, which runs 3 times per week for all beginner boxers, and boxers who choose not to compete. The #FightClub includes the competitive amateur boxing squad, which also runs 3 times per week. In order for participants to be accepted into the squad athletes are required to complete a fitness test and an amateur boxing grading assessment. The squad members earn their place to participate in tournaments through regular fitness assessments. All squad members are provided with any support needed to ensure their participation.

All children are welcome to participate in FWI’s open access programme, and find out about the gym by word of mouth, through existing members. In order to be selected for the competitive squad, participants need to complete an internal grading and fitness test, after which they will be allowed to attend an official grading. Once graded, the participants receive an amateur boxing record book and earn their place to compete in each tournament through regular fitness tests.

Not only has FWI’s open access gym greatly promoted young people’s access to participation in amateur boxing, it has also contributed towards the sustainability of the Johannesburg and Gauteng Amateur Boxing Organisation. As an amateur boxing club, FWI currently has one of the largest amateur boxing squads in South Africa, with 55 active boxers. Due to the socio- economic circumstances that limit access through a lack of training and competition boxing kits, annual medical and registration costs, transport and tournament entry fees, these boxers would not have been able to participate competitively. In making provisions for these needs, children’s participation is supported, allowing for a larger pool of competitors at the club, district, provincial and national tournaments. There are further opportunities, and support for all of our amateur boxers to turn professional.

In addition, a number of young people graduating through FWI have had the opportunity to register for Amateur Boxing coaching qualifications, and are supported through the learnership and final qualification process. At present, FWI’s newly appointed Head Boxing Coach is a young person who started as a beneficiary of the programme. He was also selected as assistant coach for the National School Boys’ team in 2018. He is currently training the new learner coach, who was also previously a beneficiary of the programme. It is envisioned that young people like these will promote the sustainability of FWI and amateur boxing in Johannesburg and Gauteng.

Fight with Insight amateur boxers participate regularly in club tournaments, district, provincial, national and international tournaments. FWI have boxers who have won on all 4 boxing stages, forming a part of the Johannesburg team members who have won provincial, national and international amateur titles, representing their region, province and country at the highest level.

Within these arenas, they are also placed in a specific league in anticipation of a place at the Commonwealth Games with a dream of Olympic Gold.